Anointed Tears

Anointed Tears“The righteous cry out, and the LORD hears them; he delivers them from all of their troubles.”  Psalm 34:17  (NIV)
~Anointed Tears ~
The Lord gave us tears to cry
Part of that healing process they say
The Lover of our soul – the ultimate spiritual high
Isn’t this why we come to know Him on that special day
Meet the Redeemer
Our Keeper
Our Healer
Our Comforter
Our Provider
Our Counselor
Our good good Father
No one can do
What Only He can do.
He can wipe away your tears too
So cry if you want too.
Grab a hold of your mustard seed
and watch what God can do.
Call out His name
He can move that mountain just for you.
He can do what no man can do.
He will collect your tears
and use them to grow faith in Him for you
‘Jesus wept’
The Righteous Cry
And I believe He meant for us to shed those tears too.
It is precious to watch those tears collected
Sow new seeds, that will begin rooting from you.
Maybe even answer a prayer or two
which might be to you ~ long overdue.
Put your trust in Him
Cry if you want too
The Lord wants to Bless You.
My Original work as author ©️ Penned 8.2017                                                  Photographed @ Sanibel Island, FL Jan 2012



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