Patiently waiting, my Father hugged me home

Dear daughter {as the angels gently brush my face}

Deep, yet softly, in His loving Fatherly voice

With His blessed assurance I was winning this race

Escalated me He did to the mountain top

From that murky valley so low

A glimpse of the reflection behind me, now

Historically so long ago.


Once again, my Loving Father put His arms around me,
“Dear Crystal, do you remember penning the poem with an intricate emerging title:  ‘Silver Threads of Wisdom’ 18 years ago past?
Pieces of My Intervention and Divine Presence for over two decades you have been penning to Me ~
10 years ago, I brought forward a great work, dramatically transforming you into a bold witness and strong disciple for My Kingdom.  You Bled from that old cry and plea.  By My hands, {your Divine Potter and Architect}, I called you, my child, who is gracefully emerging; which is your appointed Godly-ordained, divine broadcast.”   – Love God, Your Father


Original work by me ©️ and penned 11.24.2018
(Photo credit:  Photo by Trinity Kubassek from Pexels)
EMERGENCE:  The process of coming into –
The emergence of the trumpets from the seventh seal.
  • The seventh trumpet is sounded so that glory is given to God and His kingdom is announced.

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