Being Aunthentic

My Investigative Reporting…….

Being Authentic

God, my Jehovah-Rapha, (which means our Healer): You brought me out of darkness into the light and purified my heart, mind, body and soul; SOooo many many years ago now. I love my Bible.

In-love verses that explicitly tell me HOW I am to live, no questions and no what-ifs, ands / or buts. IT is laid out in red and black on white pages. I have been through too much, not to worship You in every part of my being. This conversion has come with a lot of persecution from every angle at times. But, I keep pressing on, am grateful and forever thankful for His rescue. I will continue to praise Him all of my days❣️

“Rules for Holy Living”
Colossians 3

Listen to the incredible song, “Graves to Gardens.”  .Nearly 20 years ago I started planting gardens of every part of my yard that I could. (Knowing, however, since I was 8 yoa that God was calling me, but no guidance to seek or grow in Him. True story and why Children’s Ministries are so important to me today)

This desire brought Him forward and real in my life for many years now. I know why I was planting those gardens every where I could find sensible space, back then.💞

This picture of me is in front of Lindenwood University, St. Charles, Mo taken by a friend (LU is where my son graduated from in 2012)032a28a0-004f-4fde-ace7-b729be905a41

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