God Is Faithful

So this happened this evening. Thank you LORD for a God-send. I had a serious flat and pulled over into a parking spot. Sat and prayed a minute. Then scheduled my tow.

A gentleman pulled up and asked me if I needed help. I hesitated, as I would. And told him I scheduled a tow. He offered again. And so here came my confirmation and so I obeyed. He offered his spare, as we both had the same “Hyundai” car family.

I said sir. thank you thank you. I actually have a spare on a rim in my garage and I only live right down the road. He offered to run me home, grabbed my spare and went back to my stranded car.

This gentlemen was kind, helpful and completely fixed my car and I was able to drive home. We talked about our faith and serving, as he did the repair. I don’t know who you are sir, but “thank you for showing up” when I needed help.

This gentlemen, did I mention he was a chaplain and a potter, he said. I pray God blesses you.

“Thank you for showing up” as a brother-in-Christ; and reminding me how God orchestrated at such a time as that.

“Thank you for showing up.”

img_5108(Photographed / penned 6/12/20)

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