In The Midst of Adversity

My Investigative Reporting ……Adversity……
One of the greatest spiritual, mental, emotional and physical attributes you can attain is how to process and respond in the midst of any adversity.
We will all face some type of adversity (ies) in our journey in this earthly life. 
Adversity, equips a person, living in Christ. ( List is not all inclusive, can add many more..)
#1.  Adversity enables one to have “unwearied” patience 
2). Deepens one’s unshakeable faith
3). Unwavering courage
4). Perseverance
5). Enhances one’s ability to still love & smile in the midst🥰
But he said to me, “My Grace is sufficient for you…..”. II Corinthians 12:7a
(Excerpts from Dr Charles Stanley, “In The Midst of Adversity” sermon series, that I found to be true in my own life)
(Photo captured by me and in my home 7.2020)


Leaf pictures:  Faith, Serenity, Simplify and Believe 🥰🦉🤓🙏🏻🥰

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